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iPads : iPad Tip Sheet

A guide to the iPads available on loan from the D. Samuel Gottesman Library.

iPad Tips

Apple provides an overview of the iPad hardware and features through their website:

Turning On / Waking Up the iPad
1.   Quickly press and release the power button in the top right corner to wake the iPad up.
2.   If the iPad does not wake up, press the same button for one second and then release. An Apple icon will appear on the screen and the iPad will start in about one minute.

Syncing a Wireless Keyboard with a D. Samuel Gottesman Library iPad 

  1. From the Settings icon          select “General”.
  2. Select “Bluetooth” and set to “On”. The iPad will attempt to detect any devices with an active Bluetooth connection.
  3. Press the power button on the right sight of the wireless keyboard. A small green light will appear on the top right corner
  4. Apple Wireless Keyboard should now appear in the Bluetooth window on the iPad.
  5. Tap “Apple Wireless Keyboard”.
  6. A dialog box may appear if the keyboard has never been synced with this iPad. Type in the four digit pin number on the wireless keyboard provided in the dialog box. The status of the keyboard should now read “Connected”.

Loading Apps / Content onto the iPad
You may load additional apps and content on a D. Samuel Gottesman Library iPad using your own Apple iTunes account, however it is your responsibility to transfer any content to your own computer / iTunes library as the iPad will be synced with the library iTunes account upon return and all added files and content will be removed.

Transferring Purchases / Data

  1. Personal content added to a D. Samuel Gottesman iPad may be transferred from the iPad by syncing the iPad with an iTunes library for purchased apps, music or media, or by emailing the content directly from the app used to create it.
  2. To email a document from the iPad, you need to add an email account to the email app. You can set up most personal email accounts in the iPad Mail application.


To set up a personal email account
1.   Tap the “Mail” icon          found on the iPad home screen.
2.   Select the type of email account you wish to add.
3.   Enter the requested information and tap Save.

To remove an email account from the iPad

1.   Tap the Settings icon         .
2.   Tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” .
3.   Tap the account you wish to remove and then “Delete Account”. You will see a warning that this will delete all data from the iPad. Tap “Delete”.

Note: All personal information and data will be removed when the iPad is returned to the library. This information cannot be recovered by Library staff.

Closing Apps
To close an application:
1.   Double click on the Home button. The iPad will display all currently running apps.
2.   Tap and hold an app for a second. A red circle will appear in the corner of the app.
3.   Tap the circle to completely close the app.
4.   Click on the “Home” button once to return to the main screen.

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